Published in 2012, Foreword Clarion Reviews called Cal’s first novel, Six, “brilliant” and gave it 5 Stars out of 5. Here’s a summary of the review:

sixMalevolent machines remain a mainstay in science fiction, with evil supercomputers as a well-known version of vicious manmade artificial intelligence.

Calvin J. Brown’s brilliant debut novel, Six, turns the trope upside down. Six, the titular supercomputer, develops curiosity, while the villains of the story are people. Although Six looks nothing like a person, Brown makes it easy for the audience to invest in the machine’s maturation into sentience by revealing new abilities slowly to keep readers turning pages. …

If Six was only about the development of consciousness in a computer, then the novel would be successful because the computer has so many dimensions to its personality, and it develops in unexpected ways. But Brown also introduces audiences to … computer prodigies who each want to harness information technology for different reasons. … the fascinating twists and turns … make for thought-provoking entertainment.

As the stories … intertwine, Brown invites readers to consider the nature of humanity, what constitutes intelligence, and the multifaceted layers of malice in such a way as to intrigue readers while simultaneously moving along the plot and increasing suspense.

… Because the author toys with the conventions of science fiction even as he follows them, the end of every chapter leaves readers wanting more. … On a scale of one to ten, Six is a definite ten.

The distribution of Six is being shifted to a new publisher, so getting a copy of it is currently a challenge. Fortunately, there’s a small surplus of the paper versions. If you need one urgently and have a PayPal account, send a message from the Contact page. Otherwise, hang in there until its re-release.

Coming Soon…

(Yup, needs a better title.)

coming-soonComing soon is the long-awaited (OK, too-long-awaited) second book in the series. You might recall that Six was up to something at the end of the first novel. You can expect not only to be fascinated to discover how that turns out, but also to be taken along through an even more thrilling, suspenseful, and interesting story of crime, danger, adventure, and (of course) technology and artificial intelligence.

Stay tuned.